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Retro Ride Bend, Oregon Classic Car Services

Custom Metal Fab

Retro Rides of Bend, Oregon has a vast selection of classic car tools and equipment. Our classic car and truck parts can be restored or fabricated from scratch if needed. The Retro Rides classic car team has an extensive amount of knowledge and skill to create one-off custom parts or reconstruct vintage original items for your ride. If you can dream it, we can build it for you.

Custom Metal Fab
Motor Swap

Engine Swaps

Looking for something faster, smoother or louder? A full engine swap is sometimes not about power but functionality. We can help you with that full LS Engine Swap you are looking for. Or maybe you want a Coyote Swap for your Mustang? When we do a full motor swap, we fabricate the correct mounts and make sure the engine is right for your build. At Retro Rides of Bend, Oregon, swapping motors is one of our specialties. 

Paint and Body Work

From a classic cruiser to a high-end custom, your paint finish is the first thing everyone sees. Retro Rides of Bend, Oregon can achieve show-winning paintwork. No matter whether you are bringing in your vehicle for a touch-up or multi-layered one-off custom paint job, Retro Rides only uses the highest quality materials. Using quality materials for your vehicle’s finish will make it look great for years to come.

Retro Ride Bend, Oregon Airride lowered cars

Airride & Suspension Upgrades

From Pro-touring to Pro-street, classics with Air Ride to stock original muscle cars, and everything in between Retro Rides of Bend, Oregon covers all walks of automotive chassis and suspensions. We also have the ability to build a custom one-off chassis in house and can accommodate any chassis your build requires. If you prefer to use a pre-built chassis Retro Rides has worked with numerous chassis builders from all over the country.

Full Restorations

Retro Rides of Bend, Oregon can build the car or truck of your dreams. From meticulous restorations to mind-blowing full customs Retro Rides has you covered. We also have the ability to take your vehicle from design to completed project ready for a show and go.

Retro Ride Bend, Oregon Full resorations
Body and Paint
Airride and suspension
Full Restoration
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